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Skill Development

   CTI operates in the IT industry, by providing training courses for certification of IT professions, and by  
   providing IT solutions to clients.CTI has staffs of dedicated trainers and a pool of alumni  to draw from
   the performance of our contracts.

  A brief description of the areas in which CTI can provide competencies is listed here.
  Database Technology: 
  CTI offer certification courses in both Oracle and Microsoft’s SQL server certification courses. Using our 
  expertise in this area, CTI provided an Inventory Management system for the world bank in Oracle, under  
  contract. All design, Programming and installing was carried out by members of our faculty Database

  Programming Languages: 
  CTI trains students in Visual Basic 6.0, VB.Net and Oracle Developer 2000 9/9i.These are the native  
  program development products for the two database technologies listed above. CTI offers certification  
  course in java.

  Operating Systems: 
  CTI train students in the Windows Operating Systems(Windows 98, Windows 2000 Professional,
  Windows  XP and NT technology)





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