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At Computech International,Inc., we provide complete, diverse and extensive accounting and financial management solutions. We offer cost-effective and quality performance service to both commercial and government agencies. We also maintain a team of highly skilled and experienced professionals that can fulfill any Financial and cost accounting, audit, budgeting, tax, software consultation and training needs of our clients.

CTI’s goal is to provide the highest standard of quality service and maintain client satisfaction by keeping in check their long-term financial well-being. 

Auditing Services:

Audit of Financial Statements:
We perform these services in compliance with standards prescribed by the American Institute of Public Accountants for clients who retain us, for the purpose of expressing and independent opinion on their financial statements. It involves testing and examination of their accounting systems - both manual and computerized sections, verification of the technical accuracy of accounting transactions, whether transactions are processed in accordance with generally accepted accounting principles GAAP), any likelihood of the presence of fraud or material misstatement of accounting results and whether the financial statements as a whole are fairly stated. In many cases, the firm's shareholders, managers, employees, banks, suppliers, State and Federal regulators and many other interested parties would rely on audited financial statements as basic and easily available first line of information. We perform auditing services to the Industrial, Federal, Local Government, Non-profit and small business sectors.

Review of Financial Statements:
A review is less in scope that an audit and therefore less expensive. Many smaller businesses find a review opinion quite sufficient for their purposes. A review consists of reading the financial statement and performing certain analytical procedures. These procedures are based on the fact that well-known and expected relationships exist among account balances. Under AICPA guidelines, the accountant should be independent in order to issue a review report.

Compilation of Financial Statements:
In engagements of this type, we help the client to prepare the financial statements. We will not issue an independent auditor opinion on financial statements that we have helped the client to compile. Some very small businesses that cannot afford the services of certified public accounts to maintain their books of account find it cost effective to hire accountants only for the purpose of compiling the financial statements. This may be particularly desirable when the financial statements are needed only for the information of the owners, rather than outsiders such as Banks, Investors or creditors.

These are special-purpose service that do not relate to the entire financial statements, but to smaller part of it such as for instance testing only the sales or the accounts receivable. We will perform these services according to guidelines contained in the American Institute of Public Accounting'(AICPA) Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements, AT201. The type of report issued by us will depend on the procedures that have been agreed-upon between with the client and the scope and extent of the work that was performed about that specific subject matter.

Auditing to State and Federal sector:
The federal and Local Government Sectors are distinguished by the fact that they have powers of taxation. Therefore, compliance with laws and regulations is of the greatest importance in such audits and financial services. We will perform our audits according to standards issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts (AICPA) and those issued by the Comptroller General of the United States i.e. the "Yellow Book", OMB Circulars and other applicable regulations.

Financial Auditing Services:
Giving an attestation of whether the financial statements of an audited entity present fairly the financial position, results of operations, and cash flows in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Testing and ensuring that they are in conformity with standards of accounting issued by Statement of Federal Financial Accounting Standards (SFFAS) and by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA).

Audits of Segments:
Audits of segments of financial information, such as statement of revenue and expenses, statement of cash receipts and disbursements, statement of fixed assets, budget requests, and variances between estimated and actual financial performance.

Reviews of Internal Controls:
Reviews of Internal Controls and compliance with laws and regulations such as those governing the bidding for, accounting for, and reporting on grants and contracts including proposals, amounts billed, and amounts due on termination claims.

Audits to Ascertain Reporting:
Audits to ascertain reporting and/or safeguarding assets including controls using computer-based systems.

Compliance Audits :
Compliance Audits to ascertain compliance with respective laws and regulations pertaining any specified subject.

Economy and Efficiency Audits:
This service includes :

  •  Assess business practices.

  • Evaluate acquisition of appropriate type, quality, and amount of resources at an appropriate cost.

  • Assess duplication of effort by employees and work that serves little or no purpose.

  • Evaluate the optimum amount of resources (staff, equipment, and facilities) in producing or delivering the appropriate quantity and quality of goods or services in a timely manner.

  • Evaluate compliance with requirements of laws and regulations that could significantly affect the acquisition, protection, and use of the entity's resources.

  • Assess management control systems for measuring, reporting, and monitoring a program's economy and efficiency.

  • Evaluate reported measures of economy and efficiency.

Audits of Programs and Activities:
This service includes :

  • Assess whether the objectives of a new or ongoing program are proper, suitable, or relevant.

  • Determine the extent to which a program achieves a desired level of program results.

  • Assess the effectiveness of the program and/or individual program components.

  • Evaluate the optimum amount of resources (staff, equipment, and facilities) in producing or delivering the appropriate quantity and quality of goods or services in a timely manner.

  • Determine whether the program complements, duplicates, overlaps, or conflicts with other related programs.

  • Assess compliance with laws and regulations applicable to the program.

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